Society Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the B.C. Children’s Art and Literacy Centre Society is:

  1. To create the first full scale museum and learning centre in Canada
  2. To develop, promote, and provide programs that engage British Columbians of all ages, and particularly children and youth, in the arts while enhancing their literacy skills
  3. To solicit and raise funds and to apply for grants to carry out the purposes of the Society and to accept donations for such purposes
  4. To do all such things as are necessary to the attainment of such objectives



The B.C. Children’s Art and Literacy Centre (the “Centre”) will be the first gallery and learning centre in Canada devoted to the development and promotion of art and literacy. While its primary client group will be children and youth, the Centre will also serve a variety of adults, including parents, educators, adult learners. Programming will enhance all clients’ appreciation and skills relating to art and literacy.



To lead, develop, house, and promote programs that engage British Columbian children, youth, and adults in the enjoyment of art for its own sake as well as a means of enhancing literacy and learning.


Guiding Principles

In pursuit of this mission, we will:

  1. Ensure equitable access to our programs and facilities among all British Columbians
  2. Honour and promote the use of best practice in the arts and literacy communities
  3. Engage other sectors, groups, and stakeholders in meaningful and mutually supportive partnerships
  4. Respect, value and celebrate the contributions and achievements of all involved with this facility
  5. Operate with the highest possible ethical and moral standards at all times


Primary Goals

Two over-arching goals have so far been identified and require further consideration, description, and quantification so that they are more concrete and measurable:

  1. To enhance literacy rates among children, youth, and adults in British Columbia
  2. To increase awareness and participation in the arts among all British Columbians


B.C. Children’s Art and Literacy Centre Board of Directors 2014/2015

Chair – Debbie Tobin
President – Jim Martens
Secretary – Laurel Crosby
Treasurer – Munjeet Booton
Director – Stacey Huget
Member at Large – Reena Clarkson