The Children’s Arts Festival offers free outreach program to schools who are unable to attend the festival. In 2015, award-winning author and illustrator Lee Edward Födi lead an interactive drawing workshop with 350 local students.

Once again, thank you for sending us an outstanding literacy experience in the person of Lee Edward Fodi, who spent the entire day at Cook yesterday.

I took part in one of his three presentations, and he was engaging, funny and inspirational. Lee shared his personal stories as well as his talents as an artist, both of which went a long way to hold the attention of his diverse audience. Inviting the children to share in a creative drawing task brought the experience full circle. One day later, there is a long list of library holds for Mr. Fodi’s books.

— Steve Rosell, Teacher-Librarian, William Cook Elementary School

For more information please email: childrensartsfest@richmond.ca

Eligibility is based on a lower socio-economic background for school population or a school population of 200 or less.