CAF1The Children’s Arts Festival is all about community. Our organizers deeply value sustainability and do their part to ensure future generations are able to enjoy the same sense of community that we do today. The Children’s Arts Festival follows the recommendations set by the Richmond Sustainable Event Initiative.

Sustainability Commitment Statement – Our event is committed to fostering positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for current and future generations within the local community.

Reduce Waste and Recycle – Richmond’s Green Team will be on site helping festival goers properly dispose of their waste. Richmond events that use the Green Team have incredible waste diversion rates upwards of 80%.

Make Smart Water Choice – Richmond portable water stations will be on site during the festival, meaning you can bring your refillable water bottle from home and have free, clean, fresh, and cold drinking water.

Establish a Positive Local Impact – The Children’s Arts Festival will be showcasing local exhibitors and vendors and will be using local suppliers, connecting with local businesses, engaging local volunteers, and ensuring the festival site will be accessible to everyone within our community.

Promote Public and Clean Transportation – The Children’s Arts Festival is conveniently located close to a major transportation hub in Richmond, only 800 meters away from the Canada Line Sky Train station and on the same block as many main bus stations. There will also be access to public bike racks located near the festival venue, specifically at the Minoru track and aquatics center to support those festival goers who choose to ride to the event.

Make Smart Food Choices – The Children’s Arts Festival will offer a good ol’fashioned BBQ lunch. Mitigating the waste created by the BBQ is a large priority for staff. We are striving for sustainability through the use of compostable, environmentally friendly cutlery and plates. The Green Team will also be on site to assist with the appropriate sorting of waste.

For information on how to become part of the movement towards making the City of Richmond a more sustainable city, please click here and visit our website. We hope to create an even greener, happier, healthier city for future generations to come.